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Federal law, the Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (AWPA), requires agricultural employers and farm labor contractors to observe certain labor standards when employing migrant and seasonal agricultural workers. Such standards, include, but are not limited to, recruitment, wages, transportation and housing.

Farm Labor Contractors Many farm workers are employed by a farm labor contractor who acts as the "middleman" between the workers and the agricultural employer. Current law requires that such farm labor contractors must be licensed both by the federal government (page 3) and Colorado. Further, agricultural employers that use farm labor contractors are required to use someone who is properly licensed.

Transportation Farm workers may ride in unsafe vehicles when being transported to the workplace because of problems such as overcrowding or lack of seatbelts. Any agricultural employer or farm labor contractor who is transporting farm workers must insure that they are complying with federal safety standards.

Housing Temporary farm worker housing can be overcrowded, unsanitary and dilapidated. Anyone who owns or controls such housing for farm workers must ensure that it meets health and safety standards at both the state and federal level.

Field Sanitation For most employers, federal law states that farm workers must have potable drinking water, bathrooms and hand washing facilities in the fields.