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A study conducted by CPAP in 2001 found that 59 percent of farm workers had never received pesticide safety training and that 49 percent of farm workers had experienced symptoms of pesticide exposure like skin irritation, headaches or inflamed eyes after working in the fields.

The Worker Protection Standards (WPS) regulate the use of pesticides on farms, in greenhouses and in nurseries. WPS, for example, requires safety trainings for workers, decontamination sites, reentry intervals after pesticide use and special training and protective gear for those handling and applying pesticides. A farm worker can report any violations of the WPS to the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Further, a third party, such as a nongovernmental organization, can report a pesticides complaint on behalf of a worker, who wishes to remain anonymous, by filing an Agricultural Worker Information Referral Form. Violations of pesticide safety regulations should be reported as soon as possible.