U.S. Veteran Sues After Being Told U.S. Workers Not Wanted, Denied Work

January 9, 2017

Today, Colorado Legal Services filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and experienced farm machinery operator, against an employment recruiting agency whose discriminatory acts led to the denial of a job on the basis of national origin.

Legal Document: U.S. Veteran Sues After Being Told U.S. Workers Not Wanted

January 9, 2017

Read the complaint here.

"Immigration Bill May Keep Wage Exemption for Foreign Herders"

NPR; June 12, 2013

Peruvian shepherds on guest worker visas tend thousands of sheep in Wyoming, but they only make about half of what agricultural workers elsewhere are paid. Under the U.S. Senate's newest immigration proposal, these guest workers would receive a special exemption from minimum wage rules. The proposal has stirred disagreements between ranch owners and workers' rights advocates.

"U.N. Human Rights Complaint"

Legal Aid Bureau, Inc.; December 13, 2012

On December 13, 2012, Colorado Legal Services was part of a group of organizations that sent a complaint to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Extreme Poverty, alleging that the United States is violating agricultural workers' human rights by not ensuring outreach workers' access to workers at employer-controlled housing.