Printable Education/Outreach Materials

Photo by Hannah Wallis

These materials were created by Colorado Legal Services for the purpose of distributing to farm workers and farm worker advocates to help them understand agricultural labor rights. Please feel free to print these materials and share them with anyone you believe may be interested or may benefit from the information.
The materials are in Adobe PDF format, so all you need to do is print them out double sided on letter (8.5" x 11") or legal (8.5" x 14") paper and fold them. To print them out correctly, follow these steps:

  • Go to File->Print.
  • Click the "Properties" button in the upper right corner of the print menu.
  • Under the "Main" tab click 2-sided(tablet) from the "Document Style" section.
  • Under the "Paper" tab, click on the scroll bar under the "Paper size" section and choose "Letter" or "Legal" (depending on the flier).
  • Select "OK" twice to print the flier.

Agricultural Workers Protection Act

(Spanish; 8.5" X 14" Legal paper)
Describes requirements for agricultural employers regarding working locations and conditions, pay rates, and pay records, among others.

H-2A temporary foreign workers

(Spanish; 8.5" X 14" Legal paper)
Explains workers' rights in the H-2A temporary foreign labor program regarding pay, job guarantees, transportation reimbursement, etc.

Minimum Wage

(Spanish; 8.5" X 14" Legal paper)
Explains minimum-wage rights for workers.


(Spanish; 8.5" X 14" Legal paper)
Describes employers' responsibilities and workers' rights regarding pesticide use and notification.

Workers Compensation

(Spanish; 8.5" X 14" Legal paper)
Describes Colorado law regarding workers' compensation and explains how to file a claim if a worker has been injured on the job.

Migrant Farm Worker Division-Spanish,English

(8.5" x 11" Letter paper)
Gives an introduction to our office and an explanation of what we do.

Human Trafficking

(Spanish; 8.5" X 14" Legal paper)
Explains the different types of human trafficking and clues to look for when considering whether a worker might be a victim.

Sexual Harassment in Farm Labor

(Spanish; 8.5" X 14" Legal paper)
Explains what sexual harassment is and how workers can protect themselves.